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    A Quick Guide to Boating Safely

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Contrary to popular belief, driving a boat is much different than driving a car. Because of this difference, many new or inexperienced boaters often find themselves in dangerous situations where they may cause harm to themselves, their passengers, and individuals on other boats.

    This video on boating safety looks at some of the reasons why learning about boat safety and operation is so important before getting behind the wheel. You’ll learn about some major causes of boating accidents, as well as some simple tips that can keep you safe on the water.

    For a safe, enjoyable boating experience this summer, come to Moose Landing Marina. We have a great selection of boats, pontoons, and jet skis available for rental, as well as professional boat maintenance and repair services. Call (207) 693-6264.

    Easy Tips for Avoiding Boat Injuries When Docking a Boat

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Maneuvering a boat away from the dock at the beginning of the day and back into a berth or slip at the end of the day are two of the most challenging and important aspects of driving a boat. Failure to learn of and take precautions to safely and properly dock a boat, for instance, can result in serious injury.

    Passengers should always be advised to keep their hands, legs, and fingers inside the boat, but crew members should heed this advice as well. In addition to following this golden rule, no crew members should ever be made to feel like they have to do something that they are not comfortable with. Everyone should also have a seat or some sort of grip or rail that offers stability while the boat is being docked.

    Other ways to keep the risk of boating injury to a minimum include investing in boater-friendly marina storage and taking care to ensure that your boat is well-maintained at all times. If you are seeking these services near Sebago Lake State Park, look first to Moose Landing Marina in Naples. Call (207) 693-6264 or contact us online for answers to any questions you may have.


    Examining the Growth in Popularity of Pontoon Boats

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Pontoon boats are a cost-effective and practical choice for hopeful boat owners. Analysis of recreational boat sales over the past year demonstrate just how practical pontoon boat ownership is. To learn more about the explosive growth in the presence of pontoon boats, especially in the northeastern United States, continue reading this article.

    Pontoon boats are a cost-effective and practical choice for hopeful boat owners. Analysis of recreational boat sales over the past year demonstrate just how practical pontoon boat ownership is. To learn more about the explosive growth in the presence of pontoon boats, especially in the northeastern United States, continue reading this article.

    Pontoon Boat Trends

    When pontoon boats first charged at the market en masse, they were considered great for larger groups and for passengers requiring easy boat access. They were not popular among sporty types looking for a thrilling, speedy ride. Today, pontoon boats cater to a larger demographic. Pontoon boats are now manufactured with stylish trim and some of them can top speeds of 40 mph.

    Pontoon Boats in Maine

    Numbers vary from dealer to dealer, but Maine boat dealers who offer pontoon boats can attest to their well-earned place at the center of the market. According to a recent Bangor Daily News article, it is not uncommon for pontoon boat transactions to make up between a quarter and half of a business’s sales. It was not always this way. Changes in design and capabilities, coupled with an appreciation for the boats’ value, have made pontoon boats more appealing to consumers.

    Reasons for Increased Popularity

    Most pontoon boats can comfortably hold a dozen or more passengers. This is roughly twice the capacity of the average runabout. Pontoon boats are also accessible, ideal for use by the mobility impaired. Another selling point for the pontoon boat is its versatility. The preferences of relaxation-minded individuals who want to read or play cards on deck all day and those of energetic youngsters who would rather spend their day clinging on to rubber handles to avoid being ejected from an inner tube can simultaneously be met.

    Pontoon boats are just one of the several varieties of recreational watercraft available for rent or purchase at Moose Landing Marina in Naples. Call (207) 693-6264 or visit us to find out what other new and used boats are in our inventory.


    A Guide to the Costs of Boat Ownership

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Owning a boat is not cheap. But with the right budgeting tools and motivation, the costs of boat ownership can be made manageable. For a look at the fixed and variable costs associated with boat ownership, check out this informative video clip.

    In addition to financing payments, boat storage and boaters insurance are the fixed cost payments most commonly associated with boat ownership. Variable costs include fuel and insurance and are dependent on how much you use your boat, how proactive you are in caring for your boat, and on market conditions.

    It is important to know that you will be able to afford boat ownership before you bring a boat home from the dealer. If you have done your research and feel confident that boat ownership is an opportunity and a challenge you are prepared to take on, visit Moose Landing Marina in Naples. To learn about the fine selection new and used boats currently in our inventory, call (207) 693-6264.

    Top Boating Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Boat ownership is an exciting endeavor, one that opens up countless doors for weekend recreation and waterway exploration. In order to have a positive boat ownership experience, however, there are a number of things every prospective and new boat owner should be aware of. If you find that you are able to avoid the common boating mistakes discussed in this article, you will likely be a happy boat owner for many years to come.

    • Buying the Wrong Boat

    A positive boat ownership experience starts at the very beginning, with the purchase of your boat. As you make your purchasing decision, you should consider factors ranging from the number of people you hope to accommodate at once, your primary motive or reason for purchasing a boat, and your budget. In other words, don’t buy a canoe if what you want is a speedboat.

    • Not Knowing Your Boat

    Many boat accidents and other boating problems occur because boat owners are not as familiar with the capabilities and inner workings of their boat as they should be. In order to solve this problem, read through your boat owner’s manual and become acquainted with its controls near the marina before you heading out for your first day of adventure in your new boat.

    • Lack of Familiarity with Rules and Boating Etiquette

    Another common cause of boating accidents, fines, and avoidable problems is a lack of familiarity with the official regulations and unofficial norms that govern waterways in a specific area. Look to state government and boating association websites for the fundamentals.

    • Failure to Maintain Your Boat

    There is a difference between saying you love your boat and actually loving it. If you care about your boat, you should closely follow a recommended maintenance schedule and contact your boat service professional at the first sign that something is amiss.

    Proper storage, regular inspections, and routine maintenance are vital to the preservation of your boat. If you are looking to purchase, store, and service your boat all at the same Maine location, you should consider Moose Landing Marina in Naples. To speak with an enthusiastic boat pro about our full range of services, call (207) 693-6264.


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