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    Use This Android App to Guide Your Boating Experience

    Last updated 4 years ago

    When it comes to navigating the open waters, your standard GPS or navigation software on your smart phone simply won’t do. To safely get to your destination by boat, you’ll need a more sophisticated app that gives you more information to stay on route and, if something goes wrong, direct others to your location.

    The Polaris Navigation System app for Android devices is the perfect solution for turning your Android into a high-tech navigation device. This app provides you with comprehensive position information, speed and distance measurements, turn-by-turn navigation, as well as GPS satellite reporting to monitor signal strength.

    To test the Polaris Navigation System, come to Moose Landing Marina. We provide comprehensive boat sales, pontoon boat rentals, maintenance, and storage services just off Route 302 in Naples. Call our full service marina at (207) 693-6264, or visit us online to learn more about our services.

    Preparing Your Boat for Transport

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Ready to bring your boat to Moose Landing Marina? Wherever your boat is going, we’ll provide you with the transport services you need to make sure it arrives safe and sound. But what should you do to prepare your boat for its voyage?

    First, measure your boat so we can properly load it onto the appropriate sized rig. Remove valuables, exterior electronics, and other large objects to make boat transport easier, including anchors, antennae, and propellers. Make sure that the bilge is drained and the fuel tank is no more than one-quarter full. Finally, give your boat a good external wash and check the boat for Zebra Mussels. Once this is done, it’s ready to be shrink-wrapped shipped!

    To learn more about the boat transport process, contact Moose Landing Marina in Naples, ME. We’re the area’s premier full service marina, specializing in storage, new and used boat sales, pontoon boat rentals, and boat transport services. Call (207) 693-6264 to learn more about available services.

    What to Consider When Naming Your New Boat

    Last updated 4 years ago

    The traditions and relationships surrounding boating culture make for great stories to pass on to future generations, and can also help to build bonds with current ones. One such tradition that many Maine boat owners know is the process of naming your boat. While the name you choose may be unique or have personal significance, boat owners draw from many of the same sources of inspiration to come up with boat names.

    Places of Significance
    You may choose to name your boat after a special place, such as where the boat is located, where you purchased it, or where you had your first marine excursion. Many boat owners choose a namesake location that has little to do with boating, but has some other sort of significance, such as the place where they met their spouse, the city they grew up in, or the name of a street they lived on.

    Boating Experiences
    Many boat owners hope the name they pick for their boat will inspire how they use it. Fishermen may give their boat names that conjure up images of fishing excursions or fishing culture—Never Flounder, Reel Fish, or Big Catch are some examples. If you mostly use your boat to relax on the water, you may choose a name like Serenity or Smooth Operator. Thinking about buying a speed boat? A name like Speed Racer, Wake Maker, or Great White might go nicely.

    Joke Names
    Finally, some boaters tap into their sense of humor to name their boat. Popular varieties of joke names include inside jokes you share with friends and family, crude humor, puns, or alterations in spellings. Boating and fishing jokes, such as plays on the word “reel”, are common examples of this.

    If you haven’t found that perfect boat yet, come to Moose Landing Marina. Located off Route 302 in Naples, we carry a great selection of new and used boast ready to purchase or rent. We also have over 1,000 feet of water frontage with deep water slips ready for rental. Call (207) 693-6264 to learn more about our boat storage, rental, sales, and maintenance services.

    Everything Boaters Need to Know About Life Jackets

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Most boat owners are fortunate enough to never experience an accident that leaves them in the water, struggling to stay afloat until they reach shore or help arrives. Even so, every boat owner should ensure that his or her boat is equipped for such worst-case scenarios. Having at least one functional and appropriately sized life jacket for each person on board is absolutely necessary, and here are a few reasons why.

    Life Jackets are Lifesavers
    Crashing into a rock, submerged object, or other boat may cause your boat to sink; and one’s chances of surviving the hours that ensue greatly increase with the assistance of a proper life jacket. Not only will having a life jacket on you allow you to conserve your energy as you wait for help. It can also save your life if you are knocked unconscious or thrown into water that is so cold you cannot swim in it.

    Types of Life Jackets
    There are several types of life jackets available for purchase. Most of them are either inherently buoyant (stuffed with foam or other buoyant materials), inflatable, or a hybrid of the two. Although uncomfortable, inherently buoyant life jacket are recommended for use in most of Maine’s many waterways.

    Testing Life Jackets
    Test your life jackets for buoyancy, fit, and performance at least once per year. If you notice that any of the life jackets you test provide minimal buoyancy, are faded, or are leaking, throw them out and replace them immediately.

    The importance of having appropriate life jackets on your boat when you are out on the water cannot be underscore, but it is not the only measure you can take to promote the safety of you and everyone in your party. Routine inspections and preventive maintenance are also important, and these services may be available at your local marina. If you own a boat in Maine’s picturesque Lakes Region and are looking for a qualified professional that offers a full-range of boat services to help keep your boat as safe as can be, call Moose Landing Marina at (207) 693-6264.

    Activities to Enjoy on Sebago Lake [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 4 years ago

    When you want to get away from it all, Maine’s Sebago Lake should be at the top of your destination list. Vacationing in a beautiful setting like Sebago Lake lets you enjoy all that nature has to offer without being too far away from modern-day comforts. You can head out with your family and rent a pontoon boat or a Jet Ski for fun on the water. With camping facilities, islands to explore, and great fishing, Sebago Lake is one of Maine’s top spots for relaxation and fun. Check out this infographic from Moose Landing Marina, a boat rental and storage company, to see what awaits you and your family at Sebago Lake. Please share with your friends or family and start planning your next trip today!

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