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Essential Boating Terminology to Assist with Your First Boat Purchase

Last updated 5 years ago

Selecting the right new or used boat can be difficult for a first-time buyer. In addition to figuring out what the boat will be used for, who will use it, and a number of other logistical worries, you’ll want to know how to differentiate the qualities of any boats you choose between. Shopping for a new or used boat is made easier with a basic knowledge of common boating terminology. Continue reading to learn some of the essential boating terms to assist you with your first boat purchase.

  • Aft: Otherwise known as the stern, the aft is a word for the back of your boat.
  • Boom: From the bottom of the mast extends a horizontal pole called the boom. By adjusting the boom towards the direction in which the wind is blowing, you can move forward or backwards using that wind power.
  • Head On: When two vessels are approaching each other head on, neither has the right of way. In such an event, the two boats shall pass each other on their left sides, otherwise known as their port sides.
  • Jibing: This refers to changing the wind from one side of the boat to the other by turning the stern of the boat. 
  • Overtaking: When one boat is fast approaching a slower boat’s rear, this is called overtaking. The slower craft maintains the right of way in such a situation.
  • PFD: PFD is short for personal flotation device. By law, you are required to have at least one PFD for each passenger on your boat.
  • Starboard: The starboard is a term used to describe the right side of a boat in relation to the front of the boat, otherwise termed the bow.
  • Windward: The opposite of leeward, windward is a term used to describe the direction in which the wind is blowing.

Your first boat purchase is a special event. No matter if you’re in the market for a new or used boat, you’re sure to find the best selection at Moose Landing Marina. Call us today at (207) 693-6264 or visit us on Route 302 in Naples to check out our wide selection of new and used boats. 


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